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Book Chapters

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Tecnhical Reports

Fonseca, E. 2012. Case study report on the "Cooperation between UNFPA and the Salvador Municipality (2007-2011)". Brasilia: United Nations Population Found (unpublished manuscript)

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Working Papers

Arretche, M., Fonseca, E. 2014. Health decentralization in Brazil [book chapter to appear in a publication organized by the Forum of Federations]. Toronto: Forum of Federations.

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Newspaper Articles

Fonseca, E., Shadlen, K. 2013. Política de saúde como política industrial [Health policy as industrial policy). Valor Econômico. São Paulo, December 6th.

Fonseca, E. 2013. Ameaça à efetividade da política de combate à aids[Threats to the national AIDS policy]. Valor Econômico. São Paulo, Janurary 8th.

Abstracts/Conference papers

Published 10 abstracts/papers in National and International Conferences. The most relevant include:

Fonseca, E.M. Reforming pharmaceutical regulation: a case study of generic drugs in Brazil. Social Policy Association Annual Meeting. Sheffield, University of Sheffield, United Kingdim, 2013. (oral presentation).

Fonseca, E., Nunn, A., Souza, PB., Bastos, FI., Ribeiro, JM. Needle Exchange Programs in Brazil: A windy road toward decentralization . In: XVI International AIDS Conference, 2006, Toronto. Proceedings XVI International AIDS Conference, 2006.

Nunn, A., Fonseca, E. Beyond borders: Brazil´s contributions to international policy for essential medicines. In: XVI International AIDS Conference, 2006, Toronto. Proceedings XVI International AIDS Conference, 2006.