Invited presentations

Fonseca, E.M. Lecture in Health sector decentralization in Brazil. 2013. Master/MBA in Development and Public Policy. Brasilia, Brazil; Fiocruz (Brasilia unit). (08-Oct -2013)

Fonseca, E.M. Lecture in Qualitative Research Design. 2012. Mestrado/MBA in Development and Public Policy.Brasília, Brazil; Fiocruz (Brasilia unit). (20-Jul-2012)

Fonseca, E.M. AIDS treatment in Brazil and access to affordable antiretroviral drugs. 2008. Edinburgh, United Kingdom; Seminar; Centre for International Health Policy/University of Edinburgh.

Fonseca, E.M. Allocation of Authority in European Health Policy. 2008. Country: United Kingdom; City: London; European Health Policy Group 17th Meeting; London School of Economics.

Fonseca, EM. Syringe exchange programs in Brazil: preliminary assessment of 45 programs. 2006. Rio de Janeiro/Brazil; National School of Public Health (CEENSP); National School of Public Health.

Fonseca, EM. Lecture in Public Health approach to illegal drug abuse. 2005. Rio de Janeiro/Brazil.Extension curse on Drugs, AIDS and Human Rights. State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ).